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This section details some of the Projects, Research, and Training I’ve conducted. What may be more important to you is why this type of work is important to me and the lens I use to assess and approach each situation. If you would like additional information, please call or email me.

Why Are Collaborative Approaches Needed?

Public decisions are a mixture of values and opinions, technical knowledge and abilities, all working within our political system. Frequently these views conflict with one another, and when they do, there is often disregard for the opinions and perspectives of others.

By using approaches such as consensus building and collaborative problem solving, we can create structures to handle complex public issues in systematic, manageable, and less emotional ways. These approaches can provide the ability for us to be “tough on the problem” and at the same time “easy on the people,” so that even when individuals disagree with each other, they remain focused on the problem—not on each other. It provides a “place at the table” for those affected by a decision, as well as a constructive process to work effectively together so that even when disagreements exist, commonalities can be uncovered and implementable decisions advanced.

There are many capable advocates, including elected officials. There are also capable, competent and highly committed public servants. Often, however, these individuals are not perceived as neutral and most are not skilled in consensus building. Their roles aren’t about “leveling the playing field” and providing approaches to ensure all sides are included in a public decision. But it is a role for which I find myself most drawn, most creative in developing approaches, and most certain of the need.