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Margaret King has over 20 years experience working with government, nonprofit, and for profit organizations. She served as the manager of Resource Solutions, a program at the University of Alaska Anchorage, for over 10 years. Meg’s specialty is multi-party decision making on public issues. To conduct these projects, she brings a range of skills and knowledge from a variety of disciplines including mediation, facilitation, process design, public involvement, and public communications. She has conducted research to improve collaborative and participatory decision making on public issues specific to Alaska and conducts capacity building workshops to improve skills for conducting and leading collaborative efforts.

Meg served as a legislative aide working with public budgets and associated issues; executive director, staff and board member to national and local nonprofits; and has worked for small businesses. Originally from Fairbanks, she received her MBA from the University of Denver, Bachelors from UAF, and holds post-graduate certificates in Basic and Advanced Mediation, Advanced Facilitation Skills, and Project Management.